Friday, July 17, 2009

Positive Petition Prospects Possible

I knocked on a door to get a signature for my Independence Party petition. A young woman answered the door and I introduced myself.

“My name is Kevin Barrett and I am running for Orange County Legislator in our district and I need your signature on my petition to secure a place on the Independence Party Line.”

She was happy to sign for me and complimented me on getting into politics. We need more people brave enough to do what you are doing, she said.

Then a strange thing happened. I remember her exact words because they seemed so oddly refreshing. She said: Newburgh has been very good to us. We love living here. Now that is not an unlikely thing to say, but we don’t hear too often.

What street she lived on is not important. She works in the City of Newburgh and her household is double income. She said she bought her house ten years ago and they have made improvements along the way. Actually, it was a beautiful home.

Not every resident of Newburgh can feel good about Newburgh right now. But a positive perspective is encouraging. There are still many positive aspects of our city. And it is nice to hear from people who enjoy living in the City of Newburgh.

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