Saturday, July 4, 2009

Newburgh is the place to be patriotic...

Every year on July 4 we celebrate the Independence of our nation.
The picture above is from the Tower of Victory at Washington's Headquarters. Our first President George Washington's image stands triumphantly looking out over Newburgh Bay to Mount Beacon. It is here in Newburgh that our great nation and the freedoms we now enjoy began. Newburgh is the birthplace of our republic.
As we feel proud of our nation, we should feel proud of its birthplace. Newburgh is a great city on the hillside in need of leadership and direction. All of us are charged with the responsibility of making our city a better place to live. I have taken on a great responsibility by seeking the office of County Legislator.
So as we enjoy our Bar-B-Cues and ice cream with family and friends, we will have a chance to look out over Newburgh Bay to Mount Beacon and see the marvelous fireworks. It is a celebration that ignites our potential to improve our city for future generations.
I hope everyone enjoys this holiday safely.

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