Sunday, May 13, 2012

From Darkness into Light

The City of Newburgh held its second annual Community Clean Up. The mural in the above picture was part of the effort to express a new message for the city. Chilean graffiti muralist, Francisco "Dasic" Fernandez, calls his work "Transcendence." "It puts together two elements that is in the nature, who is the darkness and light, represented in this case by the sky, and the two faces of the sky in the day and in the night. This woman right here is trying to personify the nature in that way," said Fernandez, referring to the subject of the mural, which decorates the side of the Ritz Theater on Broadway. Newburgh Mayor Judy Kennedy reported that the number of volunteers increased over last year. She said it was indicative of an "energy building in Newburgh." Eleven dumpster will filled by the efforts of the local community. This blog post was sourced in the MidHudsonNew

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