Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curlie Dillard is fully engaged

Albeit, that I do not always agree with Dillard's politics, credit must be given to the only council member who takes the time to know his business. Dillard is the only council person so far to hold community meetings. He invites people to come to City Hall for a face-to-face conversation about their feelings about the direction of the city. At least someone has an open door down there.
Also, he does not miss too many meetings around the city. You call him, he will attend.
Another star in his cap is that he is the only council member who has actually toured the Newburgh City Fire Department facility. That is sad. I have toured the NFD and brought my daughter along too. You mean none of those other council people who vote on the fire department budget care to see the environment these men work in?

1 comment:

  1. That is absolutely wonderful. Mr. Dillard has always gave his all to the City of Newburgh and continues to show the care and concern in which we should seek in every politician. Unlike others, Dillard, has a prove record of community interaction and receives respect within the community for doing so.