Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Groundhog Day: Newburgh's never-ending nightmare

The results are in: Burger, Dillard, and Angelo win. Newburgh loses.
I lost in my bid against Burger, partly because the minor party candidates pulled votes. Yet, mostly because the numbers were not in my favor and many of my supporters stayed home. I can't understand.
People in Newburgh have been doing the same thing over and over. But there is a twist; they expect different results. That is the definition of severe insanity. I am somewhat frustrated but I will turn to the positive.

First, I will continue to speak up on public issues that involve the city. We have housing, economic development and fiscal problems which need to be addresses.

Second, I will expose more Newburgh tidbits in this blog. It is important to know the story behind the story.

Lastly, I will continue to be involved in the community. Newburgh folks are hurting. You know and it and I see it everyday.

Thanks to all who supported me and voted yesterday.

All is good!

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  1. I was hoping you would be able to keep blogging about Newburgh...I'll keep stopping by. You had something good going.