Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It can't get any crazier. Or could it...?

Newburgh. Broke...
Newburgh residents...broke.
Newburgh City Hall, broke.
Trust in Newburgh City officials, broken.

City is selling Tax Anticipation Notes for taxes uncollected since 2005 to the tune of $7.5 million. Who will buy?

City Manager ready to cut workforce out of necessity for 2010.
Word is our that he may cut police force to 70 police officers. There should be 150!

City Council is asleep at the wheel. Like deer in headlights.

I ran into a city department head fresh out of a meeting with the interim city manager. He was not smiling. He could not give details, but the city will be half the force it used to be. Serious change, I suppose. Unfortunately, it is imperative to make the cuts. But not to police and firefighter!

The city could cut garbage collection. It could cut the Economic Development department that does not produce anything. It could contract a grant writer and get some Federal funds for new projects.

Most importantly, it could go the County of Orange and get a good lesson in fiscal management! But it is hard to get advice in midst of crisis. They are scrambling to make payroll. And we will be scrambling to pay taxes.

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