Monday, May 25, 2009

Okay, it has been too long. I have not written in this blog for six weeks. Not good.
There have been many things that have happened in Newburgh that are not good: young man stabbed to death by a pack of thugs, financial chaos in City Hall (nothing new), protests on the waterfront, terrorist in our midst, and more.
I attended the funeral of the young man who was stabbed to death. Very sad state of affairs in Newburgh when a group of men stab a man to death in broad daylight. Not that it being night time would have mattered. It is just sadder when people can see the killing of another human being en masse and not be able to identify a single killer. They all fled.
Now when I see a group of young men walking around in a pack, I wonder if I or someone else will become a victim. I did see a group of thugs walking up in the heights. I was concerned, but then I saw a police officer tracking them. It was good to see the police engaged in proactive policing.

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